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Student assessment policy

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Student Assessment Policy Information

Assessments Notification

  • Assessment schedules will be circulated at the start of each semester
  • Assessment notification will be given to students at least 2 weeks before the due date
  • Students will sign an Assessment Notification Register
  • Assessment notification will include:
    • task description
    • scaffold
    • marking criteria
    • support information / documents
  • A minimum of two periods will be allocated within the 2 weeks for assessment guidance in class time
  • Students will sign an Assessment Registration for submission of task


Non-Submission of Assessments

  • Marks will be deducted, if the assessment is late, at a rate of 10% per day
  • Non-serious attempts or non-submission of task will have a 2 week period in which to resubmit task for marking
  • If no attempt is made within the 2 weeks after the due date, a Letter of Concern will be sent home


  • Extensions can be sought using a Misadventure Form to be handed to HT Teaching & Learning for your stage prior to due date
  • School based activities are an accepted reason for an extension
  • Illness or family crisis is an accepted reason for misadventure
  • Reasons that are not cause for misadventure include no ink for printer, holidays, outside school activities

Special Provisions

  • Students who feel further support is needed can seek support from classroom teacher, another staff member and STLA's

If a substantial amount of tasks are not submitted by a student then automatic progression to the next academic year may be in jeopardy.

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