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       Water     Coolendel Group 1

The Coolendel Camp is a great way to start Year 7.  The camp gives students the opportunity to familiarise themselves with all students from their year group, Staff as well as the students from the Leadership group.


                Yr 7  Camp Poem

By Holly Brown and Matt  Brown


We went to Coolendel, for year seven camp,
with no power, dry tents and we needed a lamp.

We did team work activities, and had free time too.
crazy water fights, bug bites, and surrounded by roo poo.

New friends were made, and we all learnt the trait,
to be a good mate, and forgiveness, is never too late.

Canoeing was mad, and we tipped them on purpose,
but we struggled to stay, above the cold surface.

Hot chocolates, with marshmallows, it was all pretty groovy,
then we ended the night with a hilarious movie.

This camp, was so much fun.
Now everyone knows, everyone