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2013 Coolendel Yr 7 Camp






As we all piled onto the bus ready for year 7 camp to Coolendel we were very excited. It was about a 1 hour drive by bus. It was a bit of a rough trip and there were also a lot of corners.

When we arrived we got our tents sent up and then got into our activity groups, we talked for a bit but then we all had to get ready for our first activity.

There were many activities like, canoeing, bushwalking, craft, sport activities and so many more. We had at least 2 or 3 activities each day.

A few year 10 and 11 students also came down to help Mrs Lane cook and make our food, and also help out with activities.

A massive thank you to Miss K and Mr S for organising the trip. Everyone had an amazing time, thanks to all the teachers who also came down to help. Thanks also to the year 10 and 11 students who came to help!!

It was an amazing time at the Coolendel!

Mikayla Stynes


Turning around another sharp bend on the way to year 7 camp, it felt like the bus was going to flip over and roll down the mountain.  Finally we got to the campsite and unpacked what seemed to be thousands of bags, pillows and tents. We set up our tents, filling up the whole area and then headed down to Sandy Beach (which wasn't sandy at all and was definitely not a beach) for our swimming test.  Finishing that off we headed back to camp. We headed up to another area for capture the flag and after that had a meeting. That night we had a trivia and sat around the campfire while Mr S told some funny stories and sing a longs. We went to bed a bit overtime.  In the morning we could choose morning activities, I went for a run with Mr. Bachman and some other students. The rest of the two days was fun activities in our chosen groups like canoeing, bushwalking, mixed sports, craft and team building. Through these activities we learnt heaps and had lots of fun. On the second night we had a talent quest and more stories from Mr S. After lunch on the third day, we packed the buses and took the bus trip back to school. Thanks to Mr S and Ms Keogh for organising the trip and making it such a great time, all the teachers, year tens and elevens that helped out and to Mrs Lane for cooking all our food. 

Jackson Andre

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