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"Getting Dirty with Worms"

Worms 1


Our school is situated on the South Coast of NSW adjacent Jervis Bay National Park. Our waterways and bushland and are the draw card for many tourists. We feel very passionate about encouraging students and the community to keep it in its pristine condition.


Specific Outcomes:



A deeper understanding of how to live sustainably    

Knowledge how to grow healthy, nutritious food

Instil best practise in waste / litter management

Reducing school / community waste output

Promote teamwork

Improve self-reliance, life long learning practices

Improve student respect and responsibility


How will we do this?


Students will collect, sort, classify waste

Collect waste paper from classrooms

Collect waste from Food Technology classes and school canteen


How will this be monitored?


Collection will be rostered

Bins will be identified for paper, plastic and food waste.

Students will conduct a research action plan based on this project and report findings at Whole School Assemblies – encouraging every student to take responsibility for their waste material.


What will happen to the waste material?


Organic principles – recycling, composting / worm farming.

Grow, harvest and sell vegetables and grapes grown in our AG Farm.


Who will help us?


Local Council – address whole school assembly  - educate the benefits of recycling and litter management.

Local Vermaculturist – Mr Terry Simpson, call upon his knowledge of worm farming.






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