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Tennis Crew

Huskisson Tennis Crew

Students from the Gumbari Facility at Vincentia High School have been involved in various projects within the community. One of the projects involved ground and court maintenance at Huskisson Tennis Courts. Under the guidance of Mr Lou Durante, Huskisson Tennis Club President and local tennis coach, and the teaching staff, the students have accomplished many different tasks including restoring the tennis club's gardens, building a new gate, repairing fencing, lawn mowing, brush cutting, sanding, sweeping the courts and the painting of various items.

The students found the work rewarding with a number of the club members having commented on the quality of the work performed. Other members of the community have enquired as to how they could engage the students to do work around their properties. At the same time the students have learnt new skills which will increase their employability in the future.

The school would like to especially thank Lou for his willingness to take on the project and provide such a worthwhile opportunity for the students.

                                             tennis crew

Lou Durante with Gumbari students; Daniel William-Locke, Zane Carter, Eric Bate, Mr Ian Cunningham (Teacher), Clayton Collins, Brock Perceval, Dylan Fox and Mrs Janeece Scott (Head Teacher Gumbari)

Absent: Jarrod


Tennis Court Crew

"Congratulations and thank you for doing such a great job at cleaning the Huskisson Tennis Courts,

Job Well Done."

Lou Durante.