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Josh Jackson

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1. What year did you graduate VHS?

I graduated Vincentia High from Year 12 in 2012.

2. Where are you working now and in what role?

I am managing front of house at our beautiful cafe 5 Little Pigs in Huskisson.

3. What do you love about your job?

I find that working in hospitality is all about human interaction, it may sound weird but dealing with all kinds of people on a daily basis has given me a better understanding and acceptance of everyone. I love being able to talk to anyone who enters our café and be able to provide our product (be it food/drinks or just sweets) wholeheartedly.

Some may know that 5 Little Pigs is my parent’s business (named after the 5 children they have). My parents have worked extremely hard to get their business up and running and to maintain the 5 Little Pigs name for nearly 7 years now. I love being involved within the family business and being able to continue what they set out to do. 

Of course, one of the best things about hospitality and our cafe is the food and coffee. Growing up with my dad being a chef I always had an interest in cooking. This led me into the more the service side and luckily for me I get to work somewhere where we can see the joy of people enjoying our food.

4. Did anything inspire you to follow your chosen career path?

Before I was lucky enough to land some incredible jobs in Melbourne and Geelong I did have my mind set on another career. Despite this I always kept working within hospitality and this led me to work with some great chefs and front of house people. 

5. Did you have many challenges to get where you are now?

My experience working in the Melbourne and Geelong bar/restaurant scene was definitely a learning curve. Some may think that working behind the bar or on the floor is just serving food and drinks but the detailed knowledge and preparation that goes into the products is never ending. I spent years learning about drinks and ingredients which can be overwhelming but is so rewarding. The main challenge here is being able to maintain this and converse about the importance of these items to a guest while working. It’s all in the experience that the guest receives.

6. Do you have any advice for your current students?

Be comfortable in yourself and your choices. You never have to abide by someone’s regulations when choosing your career. If you have a passion for something, no matter the topic, jump into it and enjoy the rewards that come with that. It took me a while to realise that working in ‘hospo’ could be a great decision and it should be looked at with more reverence, there is always just so much to learn.