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Mardi Morris

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Where are you working now and in what role?

I have been teaching for the past 16 years as a Technology & Applied Studies (TAS)Teacher. I spent 3 years at Mt Druitt High School from 2006-2009. I then moved backto the beautiful South Coast and started teaching at Vincentia High School as a TASTeacher where I have been for the past 12 years. I specialise in Food Technology,Nutrition and creating wonderful creations for our students to enjoy.

What do you love about your job?

I love the versatility of my job and sharing my knowledge and expertise with ourstudents. I love how in TAS teaching every day is different and we adapt daily to thenew technologies within the world we are living in.

Every class is different, everystudent walks away with new skills daily from my classes and all students leave with asmile on their faces.

Did anyone at VHS inspire you to follow your chosen career path?

Cath Boyce was the ray of sunshine in TAS throughout my HSC journey. Shesupported and enlightened me in Food Technology, 3 Unit Food Technology andHospitality. After my HSC exams I gained entry to UOW into a Bachelor of Sciencemajoring in Nutrition/Dietetics. After investing in the Nutrition/Dietetic lifestyle Idecided my calling was to teach and enlighten the younger generation in health andcreating amazing recipes to enjoy. I then applied for a scholarship where I wasgranted $20 000 to retrain as a TAS Teacher through Charles Sturt University viadistance education.

Did you have many challenges to get to where you are now?

Life is full of challenges and surprises. Life isn’t a textbook journey, it’s a rollercoaster. I had many challenges in my first year of University. I realised I wasn’t achemistry ‘natural’ and I would have to invest in my studies extensively to pass mycourse. I did conquer the degree, but it did take a lot of dedication, time and positivevibes to achieve my goals. These goals were achieved by being surrounded by anamazing support network in Wollongong and Jervis Bay and with a passion tosucceed. Dreams do come true.

Do you have any advice for our current students?

My advice would be to aim high, never be told you ‘can’t’ and always back yourself.Networking is a powerful tool and positive connections always direct you into thepathway your striving to achieve in. Life isn’t about failing; it’s about learning fromwhat didn’t go your way and changing your future to suit you. What you’re doing nowmay not be your forever job but make the most of where you are always.