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Service Providers


The following is an overview of service providers who are collaborating with the school Wellbeing Team to support our school community. 

Referrals are made through the school Learning and Support Team and to learn more please contact;

Joanne Warren Wellbeing Services Coordinator

yiliga miraral

Vincentia High School P:44416766 M:0428 809 863


Headspace Youth Counsellor

HYC is available in the school for ½ day per fortnight, Friday B Week. Appropriate referrals are for students with a moderate level of anxiety or other mental health concerns. The HYC will escalate care within headspace or other agencies if they feel that students require additional support.

Headspace Bushfire Counselling Support

Additional support in response to the impact of bushfires.Available Tuesdays ½ day B Week.



The Family Mental Health Support Service (FMHSS) is an early intervention support service for families with children or young people (0-18 years old) affected by, or at risk of developing a mental illness. The focus is to improve the child's wellbeing and work with the whole family to achieve this.


CAMHS Child Adolescent Mental Health

Work closely with young people and their families to provide support and specialist treatment when they are finding it hard to cope with family life, school or the wider world. They offer assessment, education and treatment services for a range of mental difficulties.  REFERRALS to CAMHS may be supported by the school but are assessed externally. 


NSW Drug andAlcohol Youth Counsellor

The Youth Program provides a voluntary service to young people aged 12-18 years offering Clinical Drug and Alcohol Counselling, Health Promotion\Education and Community Development. 

AlcoholPreventure is a brief intervention for teenagers aimed at improving mental health and preventing drug and alcohol use and other risk-taking behaviours. The intervention targets four personality styles that may place teenagers at higher risk, and has demonstrated effectiveness in reducing mental health symptoms and drug and alcohol related harms.

The D & A YC will be in the school 1 day Friday’s Week A.



Work with 15 + aged clients with disabilities to find work and keep work. 

Transition to work programs 

Supported placement of work. 


Catholic Care Bushfire Counsellor

Works with students to make a plan for moving  offering coping strategies and psychological interventions through evidence based and trauma informed therapeutic services.

Anglicare Bushfire &Covid Counselling

One to one counselling support full day Thursdays.

Family Connect and Support (previously Barnardos FRS)



Help Desk Support available on request.


Centrelink Youth Liaison

To be confirmed.