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Defence School Mentor

Defence School Mentors are found at schools across Australia where there are significant numbers of Defence students. Defence Mentors are funded by the Department of Defence and are employed to provide information and support to Defence families, especially when transitioning into a new school and during deployments.

A Defence School Mentor (DSM) performs a variety of roles including:

  • Smoothing the transition between different education systems thereby helping Defence students to minimise the impact of relocation on learning outcomes.
  • Monitoring the social, emotional and academic wellbeing of Defence students.
  • Referring Defence families and students to school, Defence and community support groups.
  • Enhancing an awareness and appreciation of the unique Defence lifestyle in schools and the greater community.
  • Assisting Defence students to develop their self-confidence through involvement in resilience programs.
  • Enhancing the links between the local, school and Defence community.

If you are a new Defence family to the Shoalhaven, DCO Nowra's newsletter will provide some valuable information: 

DCO Nowra winter newsletter 2019

DCO Newsletter 2020

Mrs Jacqueline Copeland is our school's Defence School Mentor and is at school on a Monday to Thursday from 8am-2.30pm. If you would like to contact Jacqui please call her on 4441 6766 ext: 140 or at

Mrs Copeland has created a Google Classroom for Defence Students. If you would like to be added to The Defence School Mentor Program Google Classroom please contact Jacqui via the above email.